Welcome to our website where we will show you some horses and tell you just a little about who we are and what we are doing and maybe what we could do for you.  We are breeding, training, and performing on cow bred quarter horses.  Currently there are seven of us working on our operation which is producing quality horse hay and horses.  Even if you have never sat on a horse, or never fed a horse but want to - talk to us.  If you are an expert at both riding and feeding - talk to us and we will learn from you.  Each of us at FOX MOON RIDGE adds a dimension to our mission.  We have eight college degrees among us two in livestock production and also in AG economics.  We are perpetual learners and are constantly working to improve what we do.  We know we have offered some good horses and hay to some good customers in the past and believe that the customer feedback is our best measurement.  If we might have what you are looking for we will tell you ,and if not, we will tell you that too and not waste your time.  We welcome you to come see our setup but since we all have different schedules give us a call or email and we  promise we will give you personal attention.  We believe in keeping appointments and respecting your valuable time.

                    Thanks From  the Folks From FOX MOON RIDGE

Trevis & Roberta - Call (573) 590-1704 or email  trevis@foxmoonridge.com

Devin & Shana - Call (573) 387-4542 or email   ds_farms@ktis.net 

Darrick  - Call (573) 881-2310 or email   darrick@foxmoonridge.com